Market Cross Surgery

7 Market Place, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7EG

Surgery times

Morning Surgery 8.30am – 12.20pm

Afternoon Surgery 15.30pm – 17.30pm

Extended Hours

Monday & Tuesday evenings 18.30pm- 20.00pm

Wednesday Morning 7.00am– 8.00am

These appointments are for routine problems and can be accessed through the Triage Team during working hours or Online. These routine appointments are aimed particularly at patients who work and may find it difficult accessing daytime appointments . Each week patients will have the choice of a male or female doctor in the evening surgeries.

The Market Cross Surgery are pleased to announce following delay to our delivery schedule that we will be starting our Flu vaccination programme on Saturday 16th October at the Pavilion-Jubilee Centre- Mildenhall. We have not received our full allocation of stock so those in the higher risk groups will be contacted in the first instance. Thank you for your patience.