Market Cross Surgery

7 Market Place, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7EG

E-consult and information for those recovering from COVID-19


We are pleased to announce that our e-consult facility (available through our website  – click on e-consult to check options) has been significantly upgraded to include now the option for patients to refer themselves directly to NHS Physio services for advice and treatment for a full range of joint and back problems.  In addition there are also options to self-refer for NHS Wellbeing treatment services (for conditions such as anxiety, depression, low mood and panic attacks) and for NHS sexual health services.

These extra options now enable patients to access help and treatment for these areas of health care without having to go through our telephone triage system – speeding things up for patients and freeing up time for our triage service to deal with other pressing health conditions.

Remember e-consult is also there for routine administrative tasks (eg sick notes, doctors letters) and routine clinical issues.


Your Covid Recovery is a new NHS website designed to help people recover from the long-term effects of coronavirus. This site ( will enable patients and their families/carers to access further information around recovering post COVID-19. The site offers general advice on recovery, returning to work and information for families and carers of post-Covid 19 patients.

Given the current situation around coronavirus we are continuing to work in line with national NHS recommendations through our total triage system as we have done for the last few months. 

We remain extremely grateful to our patients for their tolerance and understanding during this difficult period for the NHS.  Your cooperation makes our jobs a little easier.  We will continue to update you on developments as they occur.

The Doctors and Staff at The Market Cross Surgery